Canadian Applicant Seeks Approval for DotDESIGN, DotSTYLE, DotRIP and DotSUCKS from Internet Governing Body

OTTAWA, CANADA (May 31, 2012) – With the window now closed for applications to operate new Internet domain name registries like .com, .net and .ca, Momentous Corp., a holding company based in Ottawa, has announced the names of the four it has filed to operate - and in true Momentous fashion, they are far from predictable.
“Some people may be surprised by the TLDs we’ve pursued,” says Rob Hall, Chairman and CEO of Momentous. “But we are confident that our applications will help to create real focus and energy for specific industries, communities and consumers online. That’s what we are after.”
The four new registries for which Momentous Corp. companies have applied for are:

DotDESIGN (.design)

Operated by Design Trend Registry

The new gTLD DotDESIGN will create an online space for designers of all disciplines to communicate and collaborate. DotDESIGN is intended to be both the central hub and access point to the nature, study, development, manufacturing, sale, use and implications of a profession that has changed the way we work, live and play.

DotSTYLE (.style)

Operated by Evolving Style Registry

For consumers, entrepreneurs and institutions committed to adding style to daily life, DotSTYLE will create a new address and new tools to make it happen.

DotRIP (.rip)

Operated by Nevaeh Ventures

Our mission is to create the singular definitive venue for memorializing loved ones, places lost to time, defunct brands and out-of-market products.  The primary focus of .rip will be on keeping memories alive. Free of any political, geographical or spiritual affiliations, DotRIP is an open top-level-domain with global applications.

DotSUCKS (.sucks)

Operated by Vox Populi Registry

In a free and open internet, DotSUCKS is a new domain space intended to provide a medium for sharing opinions and encouraging debate. DotSUCKS is available and applicable for personal, organizational and community use.

“DotSUCKS may be the most ambitious application,” says Hall.  “When we consider product reviews, online dialog rarely satisfies the consumer who wants to be heard or the companies who are anxious to respond.  The mission of DotSUCKS is to create a new space on the web that will give voice to consumers and create the opportunity for closer contact between companies their customers.”

Under the terms of the new Generic Top Level Domain program being managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, all applications for new domain extensions had to be filed by May 30th, 2012. A full list of the names being sought after is expected to be release by the organization shortly thereafter. It is estimated that upwards of 1,900 applications for new domain name extensions have been filed.


About Momentous

Momentous is a wholly owned Canadian company that facilitates the rapid growth of ideas, people and companies. Driven by the online world, but inspired by real world thinking, Momentous believes in building connections between digital realms as much as between real people. Providing infrastructure, support, and services, Momentous adapts to change with swift agility, and frequently transforms new ideas into new web-based companies.

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